Brooklyn Brewery Officially Launches In Singapore

AUGUST 2017, SINGAPORE – This August, the renowned purveyor of award-winning craft beers, Brooklyn Brewery, will be officially launching in Singapore.

Brooklyn Brewery Officially Launches In Singapore

Presenting Signature Craft Beers and Seasonal Introductions

AUGUST 2017, SINGAPORE – This August, the renowned purveyor of award-winning craft beers, Brooklyn Brewery, will be officially launching in Singapore. Set to debut at KPO Café Bar before appearing in more venues subsequently, the brand will offer a selection of innovative, culturally-influenced perennial beer flavours on tap. There will also be seasonal introductions in the months ahead.

The Brooklyn Brewery Story

In 1988, Steve Hindy, a foreign news editor, roped in his neighbour, banker Tom Potter, to establish Brooklyn Brewery, intended as a tribute to the colourful traditions and diverse cultures of their beloved borough. Steve was introduced to the piquant flavours of home-brews during a stint in the Middle East. Not long after, the illustrious graphic designer Milton Glaser got on board. With Steve’s brewing knowledge and Milton’s brand-building expertise, the trio re-ignited a relatively dull beer scene in New York City’s 1980s. Today, Brooklyn Brewery continues to flourish, shaping their vision of a global network of excellent beer. Their iconic logo is seen in bars and restaurants worldwide, from Texas to Australia. Brooklyn Brewery is also currently the most successful brewery in New York City, and ranked #11 among all United States craft breweries.

Of Culture and Community

True to the Brooklyn spirit of celebrating diversity, the brewery comes up with unique creations, fusing distinct styles across multiple cultures. Accomplished brew master Garrett Oliver often pushes the boundaries of beer, developing new techniques and recipes. Brooklyn Brewery’s sense of adventure and amazing respect for cultures has culminated in a kaleidoscope of offerings, inspired by many countries, from Central Europe to Southeast Asia.

The founders of Brooklyn Brewery also strongly believe in giving back to the community, and are fervent supporters of the music and arts scene. Over the years, they have donated products to countless museums, theatres and other admirable notions. In 2014, they partnered with the Culinary Institute of America, donating a brewhouse, and launching beer education for aspiring students. Additionally, Brooklyn Brewery’s Head of Culinary Programming, Chef Andrew Garson travels the globe with their Mash tour, getting deeply involved with the local community through his cuisine, and working with local chefs and producers on behalf of Brooklyn Brewery.

Cheers to Beers

The beer list at Brooklyn Brewery is no regular menu. After all, each of the beers have their own legacies to be told. Apart from longstanding favourites, there are ephemeral flavours that change according to the season. The dedicated folks behind Brooklyn Brewery have even come up with a Brooklyn Quarterly Experiment (BQE), where passion is brewed with imagination, producing concoctions the likes of which beer imbibers can only dream about.


Brooklyn Lager – A beautiful tint of amber-gold, displaying a firm malt centre supported by a refreshing bitterness and floral hop aroma, with caramel malts showing in the finish. British “dry-hopping” practice enhances the aroma of this Viennese-style beer, and the result is a smooth and versatile original. 5.2% Alcohol by volume.

East IPA – Clean, drinkable IPA, packed with flavour, yet offering a bold balance. American hops soar in the bright piney aroma, while East Kent Goldings hops bring the taste of stone fruits and firm bitterness from IPA's ancestral British home. It is truly a blend of tradition and exuberance. 6.9% Alcohol by volume.



Brooklyn Summer Ale – Refreshing and flavourful pale ale, made to accompany you on all your warm weather adventures. 100% British 2-row barley capped off with German and American hop ensures a famed bready aroma alongside a clean bitter taste. 5.0% Alcohol by volume.

Brooklyn Brewery in Singapore

Brooklyn Brewery will be made available at KPO Café Bar. Singapore craft beer drinkers and fans can look forward to a wide array of drinks as Brooklyn Brewery will be bringing in their stable variants, the Brooklyn Lager and East IPA, both of which will be on tap regularly. Seasonal variants of beer will also be making appearances in the months ahead, at limited quantities. Some of the other variants imbibers here can anticipate are: Brooklyn Oktoberfest, in honour of Germany’s special festival, Black Chocolate Stout, Russian aristocracy’s toast of the winter season, and Bel Air Sour, a thrilling jolt of tartness followed by a riot of tropical fruit. “Beer is meant to be shared. It is our common language, and it connects our community. What better place to share it, than in a cosmopolitan hub like Singapore, where the locals have a well-travelled palate and an appreciation for flavours from abroad,” shares Garrett.

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About Brooklyn Brewery  Started in 1988 by foreign news editor Steve Hindy and his downstairs neighbour, banker Tom Potter, the pair set out on establishing a brewery that would pay due homage to their beloved Brooklyn borough. With the help of legendary graphic designer Milton Glaser, Brooklyn Brewery charted their course to success in the 1980’s NYC beer scene. In subsequent years, gifted brewmaster Garrett Oliver was brought on board and remains to this day, constantly pushing the boundaries of beer, yet never forgetting the roots of traditional brewing techniques. International collaborations with the likes of Carlsberg and other renowned breweries have bolstered Brooklyn Brewery’s vision of a global network of excellent beers. Today, they continue to thrive across the world, and it is an exciting time to be from Brooklyn. For more information on Brooklyn Brewery, go to




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