Jing-A Brewing Co. Mandarin Wheat

Jing-A Brewing Co. Mandarin Wheat

Beer type:
Wheat Beer
Jing-A Brewing Co. Mandarin Wheat

Jing A Mandarin Wheat craft beer is an award-winning Belgian witbier done in Beijing style. This smooth sipper pours sunny straw gold with heaps of fluffy white head. Pale barley malt and wheat impart a gentle sweetness that mingles with bright aromas of mandarin orange peel and coriander, closing with a refreshing, zesty finish.

Jing A Mandarin Wheat craft beer has a 4.5% ABV, and pairs well with local favourites such as chicken rice and laksa, hotpot, seafood, spicy food, and dim sum. Enjoy this bright, citrusy, and floral craft beer during brunch, nights out with friends, or with late night snacks.

Founded in Beijing by long-time friends Kris and Alex, Jing A is a brewery in constant motion. We are obsessed with hunting down rare ingredients and unexpected flavors to brew our beers, ranging from twists on classic styles to curious experiments and inspiring collaborations with breweries from around the world.

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