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About Us

A dynamic and inspiring work place where you have the opportunity to work with some of the world’s strongest brands. As we set sail on the SAIL'22 Group strategy, we unite to build a strong business with a compelling new ambition and a fundamental change in how we prioritize and operate.


Our Portfolio

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Introducing our New Strategy: SAIL'27

Carlsberg Group recently launched our company wide’s brand-new strategy, SAIL’27. This strategy was developed as a collaborative, company-wide effort, co-created by over 200 Carlsberg employees from more than 30 different markets and functions.

In developing SAIL’27, we aimed at keeping and sharpening our strong strategic, organisational and financial dynamics while ensuring that our direction-setting was refreshed and that our new strategy reflects expected consumer, customer, societal, regulatory, economic and geopolitical trends and their likely impact on the beer category in terms of both volume and value. As such, SAIL’27 reflects the learnings from the past and assumptions for the future blended together.

In essence, SAIL’27 focuses on five strategic levers – portfolio, geographies, execution, culture and funding the journey – for which we have made distinct strategic choices, defining the focus of our efforts and resource allocation. Our strategic levers and choices should be viewed as an integrated set of activities that together will drive shareholder value.

An evolution of SAIL’22, SAIL’27 is built around our purpose of brewing for a better today and tomorrow, and our ambition of being the most successful, professional and attractive brewer.

Accelerate SAIL: Transitioning to Growth Mode

With SAIL’27 as the launch pad, we are transitioning into growth mode with Accelerate SAIL. 

Accelerate SAIL is about building a bold and exciting future of growth and becoming an even stronger company, as well as a market leader and positive force in society - always burning and striving for excellence.  

With Accelerate SAIL, we are increasing our long-term ambition for organic growth to 4%-6%. To deliver on that ambition, we will be accelerating investments over the next years. 

The key growth priorities include our premium portfolio, Beyond Beer and growth markets in Asia, with particular focus on China, Vietnam and India. We will also further strengthen capabilities, processes and systems.

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